Richland to Brown Lee Dam 6-7 17

We had a nice motel in Richland. The town had  pretty small town kind of feel. C store, feed  and grain, fire barn, bar/restaurant and motel. We checked into motel at 5 or so and by 8 the park lot was full of Big pickups and fishing boats. I tried to talk to a fewContinue reading “Richland to Brown Lee Dam 6-7 17”

Writers block-sort of 6-5,6-17. mike

We’ve been pretty slack about writing lately. The beauty and grandeur of what we have been seeing is way more than my puny vocabulary can describe. It’s amazing how big things are.   We stayed in Baker City 2 nights. It is a medium/small town with friendly people. The museum in town was really interesting. AContinue reading “Writers block-sort of 6-5,6-17. mike”

And the hits just keep on coming-Mike 6-2&3-17

Drinking coffee sitting in a lawn chair, looking out over the buttes in Dayville was the best. Could have stayed forever. However this is a cross country bike ride, so we mounted up and headed out toward John Day. Riding was very pleasant, mostly flat through a valley of hayfields and beef cattle. Got intoContinue reading “And the hits just keep on coming-Mike 6-2&3-17”