Oh my goodness..Hill Country!

Tues Feb 27 We left the Faust Hotel in a light drizzle (again) and (again) we thought we had a pleasant day of riding. We mounted up in good spirits and headed out with no sense of urgency…we need to learn to read maps. We followed the Guadalupe River, obviously a busy river for “toobing”…theirContinue reading “Oh my goodness..Hill Country!”

Lost Trail Hot Springs to Wisdom 6-19-17. mike

We had stopped at the hot springs because it was at the base of Big climb. The Lost Trail Pass (7014 ft) and the Chief Joseph Pass (7241ft). Fortunately we didn’t lose any altitude between the first and the second. They are only a mile apart but on different roads so they count as twoContinue reading “Lost Trail Hot Springs to Wisdom 6-19-17. mike”

Hamilton to Sula/Lost Trail Hot Springs. 6-18-17

We pushed out of Hamilton pretty early for no other reason than we had slept good and were ready to get going. I went into town the night before to the Bitteroot Brewery for a barley pop and food. Just so happens that they had the best blues/jazz band playing. I really had a funContinue reading “Hamilton to Sula/Lost Trail Hot Springs. 6-18-17”

Lolo Hot to Missoula 6-15,16,-17

From the hot springs to Lolo was more flat and more beautiful valley w mountain peaks to look at. After a while its so routine we stopped sending pictures cause each one is so unique and amazing but when I take a picture, it just doesn’t reveal the awesome beauty and the scale of how bigContinue reading “Lolo Hot to Missoula 6-15,16,-17”